Salon | Salon-Themen
Friday was named after Venus, the goddess of love, which the French "vendredi" or Italian "venerdi" still reminds us of.

Sexclusivitäten, one of the oldest feminist sex-toy stores in Europe, has taken it upon themselves to revive this Friday tradition. On Friday’s Dr. Laura Méritt invites any and everyone into her salon, a relaxed atmosphere where one can laugh, learn, and grow.

Here people of all ages and sexual orientations are invited to explore new sexual territory. The salon is a place where you can discuss desirable dildos as well as gossip about new and old clubs, government coalitions or relationships. Artists are welcome to spread their latest works on the carpet while curious provincials take a look at the newly arrived women's erotic videos. Laura serves warm tea and her laugh echoes through the room every two minutes. The salon is filled with decades of feminist trinkets and souvenirs, and continues to grow as she welcomes new friends into the salon.

Over the years, there must have been an almost five-digit number of people who have come to the sexpert for advice, action & toys. Initially, after her seminars on gendered linguistics at Freie University, the former Luxembourg shot-put champion, award-winning gymnast, German teacher, and whore-to-be went off with her “fucking suitcase” to sell sex toys on the sofas of her friends. A feminist enterprise was born. Then as now, Laura Méritt came into the house as Nicoletta, nun, cowgirl, nurse or Emma Peel, depending on the occasion. Originally, Laura had created a small oasis in her conservative tenement; her apartment functioned as a sex toy boutique and educational salon, on top of being her home. Of course, at the time, Berlin was one of the only places that such a space could exist.

While yes, the personal is indeed political, perhaps it was time for a bit more separation. The Sexclusivitäten sex shop is now located in a cozy office at Kreuzbergstr. 37/38. But those who are longing for the days of 1970’s consciousness-raising on a fluffy rug shouldn’t worry–the salons are still held in Laura’s home, fluffy rug and all.

When Laura shows up to the “UltraSexyHotToy Shows” with her bright red suitcase, no toy is safe. From the design, to the production, to the sale, Laura had a vision of a FLINTA+ network that could do it all–she then made this dream into reality. It’s simply a bonus that most of the people with whom this network is composed of are kick-ass, interesting women.

Of course this network expands far beyond the borders of Berlin. Throughout her travels around the world, she most often found what she was looking for in the motherland of the female sex wav: the USA. But she also imported vibrators, dildos, balls, rods, videos and other curiosities from Japan, England, China, Sweden and the Netherlands.

If Sexclusivitäten were only about the sale of sexual aids, as Beate Uhse so beautifully puts it, the sexpert would be the first to be bored to death (in bed). After all, a dildo alone does not get the juices running. It is rare in our society that sexual knowledge is passed on from mother to daughter or girlfriend to girlfriend. But Laura tries above all to pass on the key to the hidden vault of pleasure, lust, and sexuality. It doesn't matter whether this happens in a one-on-one consultation, in a crowded workshop such as "S/M - made easy", "Language and Lust", "Flaps Open" or "Whore and Saints" or in their practical work as the operator of “Club Rosa,” the escort service by lesbians for women. Yes, day by day since the turn of the last century we have inched towards a society where people have more knowledge than ever before. Sexclusivitäten takes it a step further by exploring the practical aspects of these things!

Finally, all of this is accompanied by a specialty without which Laura would be unthinkable: her laughter. About everything, with everyone, in every situation. Laughter makes you sexy. And above all, it highlights one thing: the seriousness of the matter.

Suzanne Kaiser / Annika Horvath