MöMo 2019 - Mösen Monat März (Pussy Month March)
Each March we celebrate vulvas for a whole month!

For the whole month of March sex-expert Laura Meritt and her team offer an insight into the evolution of pussy power. 10 years ago the (Women's) March was declared the month of vulvas to push its popularity forward and strengthen the sexual confidence of every vulva owner. All the events take place in the rooms of Exclusivitäten and offer a diverse program consisting of an exhibition, films and workshops around the female sexual organ. Viva la Vulva!

Warm up for Pussies:
''Vulva Massage'' - Workshop for women*.
Saturday, February 16th 3-6 pm
Techniques, tips and tricks to integrate pampering your vulva in your daily love life.
Entrance fee: 60 Sign up here:
and get more info here: www.weiblichequelle.de

Exhibition ''Public Pussy Power'' 1. -31st of March 2019
Vernissage: Friday, 2 March, all sexualities welcome.
Entrance fee: free

Meet your Clit - at the International Vulva Day!
Friday, March 8th 6 pm, all sexualities welcome.
Entrance fee: 10

Female ejaculation - lecture and discussion
Friday, March 15th 6 pm, all sexualities welcome.
Educational talk about the functionality and anatomy of the female prostate and its representation.
Entrance fee: 6

''We squirt back!'' Female ejaculation and G-area - Workshop for women and trans*
Saturday, March 16th 2019, 3-6 pm
The female prostate is recognized as a functioning sexual organ. But still its existence is up for debate again and again. We want to talk about the female prostate's anatomy, functionality, form and composition as well as discuss the influence of societal norms, imaginations and taboos of sexuality.
An introduction to anatomy, excercises for your pelvic floor and instructions to explore your g-area are all part of the workshop!
Costs: 65 Sign up here:
and get more info here: www.weiblichequelle.de

Vulva Sculpting - silicone forms from your wonderfull vulvas with Pia Votz-PiCunt and Louis. 20
Friday, Mrach 22th 6-8 pm, all sexualities welcome.

''Pussibilities'' - Genital Meditation. All sexualities welcome.
Saturday, March 29th 6-8 pm

Every Friday starting at 4 pm: Pussy pictures with Polly Fannlaf

Venue: Exclusivitäten, Fürbringerstr. 2, 10961 Berlin

Mmo 2019


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Viva la Vulva

Stonewall Award für das Lebenswerk

Interview with Laura Méritt by Vera Dvova