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Sexual consultation (Singles and couples)
Single Consultation for all questions (also for trans- and intersexual persons)
Mediation in conflict situations

Public Lectures and Workshops:
- PorYes- Feminist Pornography
- Gender positive Language
- Sexual communication
- Safer Sex
- Female Ejaculation and the female prostate.
- Herstory of Vibrations
- Animosities and sexcapades: womens erotic literature
- Workshop Tantra, Tantra and SM, Female Ejaculation,

Vulva-Massage: Rock around the clit, labia-shiatsu, 4 cardinal points, doorbell, G-spot-stimulation and acupressure of the beauty. Techniques by Annie Sprinkle

Anal-Massage: Our beautifull 4 letter-backside is a center of all kind of tensions and emotional stress. Through wonderfull techniques by joseph kramer you can get a wholesome relaxation, which is good for the buttocks and the perineum but also encourages inner joy and brings a deep relief

Lesbian Escort-Service: "Club Rosa": body-wellness, adventures, sexperiments, role-plays and escort trough the night. An exclusive hour just for you! We will make you enjoy as much as you can take. You can ask us to surprise you or tell us your dreams and desires. If you want to feel a woman for the first time in your life or you want to try something new, you want to taste anonymous desire or just like to surrender for pleasure. Berlin has the most lusty lesbians. Further informations: Laura Meritt 0179-5276397>> Story Escort Girl

G-Spot-Massage: An introduction in a feeling, where the prostate is, what form she has and how she is stimulated. For all the girls, who did not find her g-spots yet or are not sure about, this is the massage to find the fountain. And for all, who know about the pleasure and want to get it again, this is the attestation of a deeper wisdom of pleasure.