Salon | Salon-Themen
Sexclusivitäten with Laura Méritt, Fürbringerstr. 2, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Fridays Pleasure Parlor from 12-8 pm, events starting at 6 pm

Every Friday you're welcome to come over, look around the library, check out movies, talk to other people or get to know them and their projects, or simply receive some sex tips for the weekend. During the time from 6-8 pm the respective conversation topic that changes from week to week will be moderated by Laura and her team.
It is also possible for you to express the wish for a certain topic or present a book, film or theater project, lecture, a term paper or any kind of research that you would like to get some feedback on – as long as it has to do with sex & gender & politics.
Aside from the weekly changing topics there are sexual-political projects you could help with or partcipate in. We take part in (amongst others): One Billion Rising, Slut Walk and the alliance for sexual self-determination. If you prefer to take part in these things within a group of people, you're welcome to join us.
We also organize events such as: ''Mömo – den Mösenmonat März'' (every March), the ''PorYes-Award – Feminist Porn Award Europe'', the campaign ''Weibliche Eja­ku­lation'' (female ejaculation) or ''Wissen macht sexy!'' (knowledge is sexy). As well as annual erotic books like ''Das heimliche Auge'' (The secret eye), ''Das lesbische Auge'' (The lesbian eye) and book projects like our very own ''Frauen­körper neu gesehen'' (Female bodies seen in a new light), photographies for the pussy galery or fuckerware partys etc.
Or goal is to establish a sexual culture that includes sex-positive language and pictures and focuses on respectful behavior. Everyone who is interested in engaging in vulvaric activism is warmly welcomed to participate.



Friday, 26.7.: PorYessalon
6pm: Feminist Porn Watching: lesbian sexwork with suburban dykes, fatale media


Friday, 2.8. Extasy salon
6pm: Feminist economy - what´s the connection to sex?

Friday, 9.8. Extasy salon
6pm:Free Bleeding

Friday, 16.8. Extasy salon
6pm: energy orgasms for all

Friday, 23.8. Extasy salon
6pm: cuddling is great - women only :-)

Friday, 30.8. Extasy salon
6pm: Feminist Porn Watching

whores & Saints-Projects with Polly Fannlaf

Every friday 4pm Pussy-Pictures with Polly Fannlaf
Please make an appointment, thank you!
Freudensalon Sexclusivitäten, Fürbringerstr.2, Berlin Kreuzberg



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Freudenfluss Network e.V.Der sexclusive Salon ist als Kontakt- und Knotenpunkt der Berliner Frauensexszene auch Geburtsstätte und Treffpunkt von „Freudenfluss-Network“.
Lustvolle und lebensbejahende Sexualitäten zu verbreiten, darum geht es im Freuden-Salon. Hier werden Sex-Partys organisiert und beizutragen, immer wieder freitags.