On the occasion of the exhibition on sex work at the Schwules Museum Berlin, we are taking one of our "Hur-Tour" prostitution walks through Berlin Mitte, which have been taking place since 1989.
Information about the hustle in Friedrichstrasse in the 1920s, the outfits paid for by the city for the working ladies, the Trabi hustle in the GDR, the Jewish expressions for "procuring" in Berlin jargon, the spying whores during the Nazi era, the organization of sex workers from the 1980s in West Germany, what it looks like today and and and stories of the Mulackritze, Lutschliesen and Goldfisch Anna...
Seducing hookers are Maxi & Laura from Whores & Other little Sluts
Meeting point Zosch, Tucholskystr.30. Contribution 15, reduced fee possible. Just pass by!
Dates: 10.4./ 8.5./ 2.6. 7pm