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Sexclusivitäten is a feminist one-woman enterprise the declared mission of which, is to promote the sexual health and well-being of all by assuring access to sexual goods and information.
Sexclusivitäten has always consciously supported women in exploring their sexuality and this continues to be the case. Yet, the myriad other genders intersexuals, transsexuals, gender-benders, as well as people with limited mobility or other particular needs - are also extremely welcome and are equally encouraged to assert their right to sexual pleasure.
The priority at Sexclusivitäten is an open and communicative atmosphere in which a candid exchange about all forms of sexuality can take place. In this respect, its a venue for further education. As every person has different preferences and every sex toy a different effect, depending on how, where and by whom it is used, I neither make personal recommendations nor compile best-seller lists. Instead I encourage people to sexperiment widely and so to discover their own current preferences and build up their sexual self-confidence.
This underlying philosophy of sexual well-being also means that all the sex-toys available at Sexclusivitäten are selected to meet my criteria of quality, aesthetics and ethics. By the latter, I mean that none of them are produced in the inhumane and exploitative working conditions that typify the manufacture of toxic, shoddy jelly sex products.
I know all my suppliers from Germany and abroad personally. Most of them are women that manufacture high quality goods on a small scale and, as they delight in pleasing themselves (and others), extending their product lines is a passionate means of business and personal development.
Sexual institutes are also a fine source of practice rods (!) that promote good health and are recommended by local doctors. Extremely few of my products are ordered from wholesalers. I also offer new synthetic materials, such as cyber-skin. Developed in industrial laboratories, its ecological and non-allergic properties have yet to be matched, as has its amazing life-like feel. Lubricants (lube) are selected with equally careful regard for their organic and non-allergic properties, which ensures that potential irritation of the skin is minimal. (For more on how sex toys are manufactured, see Lauras Spielzeugschatulle/Lauras Treasure Trove of Toys.)
Films are selected by the same criteria. I work closely with American sexperts who make wonderful educational and therapeutic films. For them, as also for the makers of any erotic and pornographic films I supply, an appreciation of the persons involved, a naturalistic rather than distorted representation of sexuality, a realistic, humane context, and a more or less professional approach to camera, lighting and sound are paramount.
Sexclusivitäten is very happy to have cooperated with these many small enterprises in creating a sex-positive network and as a result, a very special community.
Slow Shopping
Sexclusivitäten promotes slowness and relaxation on principle. A supermarket spree with a loaded basket, bestseller lists and subliminal seductive advertising is not my style. Instead, youre invited to browse amongst a lovingly selected and well-considered range of products and find the toy, book, video or accessory that suits your needs now. So take some time for the good things in life, sexperiment and enjoy the quiver of anticipation!