Whores and Saints Unite!!

As a feminist network we advocate free access to all sexual information, as well as for the establishment of a sex-positive culture in communication. We consider sexuality to be a fundamental human right. But this sexuality we're talking about goes far beyond merely the task of reproduction. We're referring rather to a tangible, achievable and pleasurable journey of sexual development and discovery. With the project WHORES AND SAINTS UNITE! we respond to the prejudices against sex work, often stemming from unreflective, culturally influenced patterns.

For many people, earning money is the main motive for going to work. However, no profession is stigmatized for this choice as much as for those people whose work is sex work. Although sex is considered by many people to be a beautiful thing, sex workers are often denied the right to practice their profession - partly because it gives them pleasure. Despite knowing a lot about different sexualities, sexual variety and traumatization, they are rarely considered or recognized as experts in these fields. Why is this and who benefits from it?

Following in the vein of her previous works such as the Million-Puzzy-Projekt und PorYes-Award, the artist-activist Polly Fannlaf assembles possible answers to these questions in a growing audio project. Her Whores & Saints Project will be presented alongside the Freudenfluss Network for the first time during the Aktion Strich-Code-Move from 22.-27.7. on the parade of floats on Washington Square in front of Berlin Hauptbahnhof. There it will be possible to listen and to take part.

As with the other political actions of the Freudenfluss network, this project will also be run alongside a statistical survey. The more we engage with ourselves and our concepts of sexuality, the more consciously and individually we can appreciate ourselves and others. Knowledge makes you sexy!

By filling in >>this questionnaire<< youll be supporting a statistical survey that will continue to have a legacy for a long time to come.